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Art at ‘Alohilani

Post by: Joseph Mains Feb 25, 2020 Art is part of what makes us more human, more joyful, and gives us something that is bigger and more beautiful than our own small world. It’s in the fabric of how everyone at ‘Alohilani approaches hospitality and living, and we are thankful for how we’re able to […]

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Planet Family Package

Searching for the most family friendly hotels on Oahu? The Eco-Concious Planet Family Package include fun activities for the whole family.

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Shops at ‘Alohilani

STYLE AND SELECTION Waikiki Shopping Begins At ʻAlohilani At ʻAlohilani, we offer a range of stores and boutiques that allow you to shop for daily essentials, souvenirs and memorable gifts. Stroll through our lobby and explore the latest Waikiki shops. Browse our fashion-forward boutiques and discover a new, must-have item. Or visit our shops brimming with […]

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A Waikiki Staycation

Post by: Joseph Mains January 30, 2020 We felt like the cliche was coming true: we were missing the forest for the trees.  Schedules and routines can even get in the way of paradise. With so much to do in Waikiki Beach alone, we decide to spend a weekend “away” at ‘Alohilani and take in […]

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Exploring Oahu: A Foodie’s Adventure Guide Off-Waikiki

Post by: Joseph Mains Photos by: @hopeisafeather  January 2020 There’s no better way to immerse yourself in a new culture than through its cuisine — or at least that’s what we tell ourselves while inhaling our fourth (or fifth!) meal of the day in Oahu. In truth, eating our way across Hawaii is one of […]

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Holidays in Hawaii: 2019

Post by Joseph Mains Photo by: @vacay_mood December 2019 Holidays in Hawaii: 2019 We’re centering ourselves and our loves as we head into the holidays and the new year here in Honolulu. We’re constantly humbled by the amazing year it’s been at ‘Alohilani. As we gather with family and friends, there are so many events […]

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Waikiki Vacation, Three Generations in the Sun

Post by Joseph Mains Photos: Various September 2019 Waikiki Vacation, Three Generations in the Sun We met our folks at ‘Alohilani Resort on Oahu for an adventure with their grandkids. Perfect. No one has to host, and we can all get some quality time together in the sun. We’ve got the grandparents and kids in […]

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Exploring Chinatown’s Dining and Drink

Post by Joseph Mains Photo by Payton Chung August 2019 Exploring Chinatown’s Dining and Drink In the high-walled courtyard off Hotel Street, the hazy light of sunset settled around aloha shirts and cocktails. Surrounding our table was a constellation of makers and office folks, hip kids and big city travelers chattering over drinks, Friday energy […]

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Family Submarine Tour Beneath Waikiki

Post and Photos By Joseph Mains July 2019 We spent the morning lazing on the pool deck of the ‘Alohilani, a resort in Waikiki after eating at Lychee downstairs, the hotel’s breakfast buffet. The climbing sun made each moment in the saltwater infinity pool feel like a vivid, cool dream. We let the kids wear […]

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Family Friendly Outrigger Canoe Surfing on Waikiki Beach

Written By Joseph Mains June 2019 The gentle sun crept over the horizon as we quietly prepared for a family outrigger surfing session.  After picking up a quick breakfast with coffee and juice at O Bar, we walked the three blocks to our outrigger canoe surfing session.  We were quickly introduced to our captain for […]

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